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Prama arts is one of its kind wherein we specialize and emphasize on the originality of the work to be seen in every finished product of ours.

2D Embossed

This form of painting will create an effect of the real feel of the image which would be embossed rather than a flat image with precious stone workings on it. You would cherish the effect as you feel the same.

3D Embossed

This form of painting is also similar to a 2D embossed but more rich in the gesso working and the effect of the image to be more realistic in terms of the look or the visualization of the complete work.

Antique Finish

As the name goes by Antique is the cherished form of older versions rather paintings made in yester years and preserved and retained to its original condor to have its real effect of the ancient workings rather than the current versions of updated workmanship.


A mural is any piece of art work painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

Elite collections

In this form we could capture or create the Paintings in any shape as per the need and also incorporate various styles like natural Themes and many more. We could also capture the memorable images of your loved ones and Pets in the Tanjore form of Painting.


Any form of Painting is more complete only with the addition of suitable frames rather the outlook is achieved by these frames and there are different varieties and material in Frames.

Corporate Gifts

The most ideal ones for Companies to have their Logos and Captions captured in the most realistic form of Authentic Tanjore style and can be put in all their outlets which would symbolize their Brand Value to a Greater extent.

Home Decors

We have an specialized addition to this section wherein we can create Tanjore style Pooja rooms and Tanjore style interiors to match with the decorum of your beautiful homes.



We Visited Showroom on 3rd March 2016. Awesome Paintings with natural expression of the gods.

-Mrs.Anuradha Mahender

Tanjore Paintings are very beautiful.The artist quality is excellent.Thank the artisans who make such brilliant paintings.I Just bought Ganesh and Lakshmi Paintings.

-Ms.Jayanthi I.F.S

Beautiful and Elegant Tanjore Paintings creates a real Indian home feel.

-Mr.Ashok, Oman