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Raja Rajeshwari

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She is having for hands and three eyes. She wields in her four hands the noose, the goad , sugar cane bow, and five flowered arrows. Her three eyes are Sun, Moon and fire representing the three triads in creation. Her crown is decorated with the crescent moon the symbol of divine delight. The noose represents strong determination and love by which She binds the whole creation. The goad is the symbol of the power of knowledge, it is the wrath of fiery emotions by which the whole creation is spurred into activity. The sugar cane stem depicts the mind principle of man. The five flowered arrows are the five tanmatras ,sound, touch, form, taste and smell the source of the five elements. She is having three forms, the gross physical form (sthula sharira), subtle astral form, (sukshma sharira) and the causal archetypal form of the macrocosm and microcosmic creation.

Raja Rajeshwari enthroned with her left foot upon the Sri chakra, also known as Sri Yantra, holding her traditional symbols, the sugarcane bow, flower arrows, noose, and goad.She is seated on a chair constituted by Brahma,Vishnu, Shiva, Maheswara and Sadashiva. Lakshmi and Sarswati fanning her.When She is meditated upon, this ultimate energy, in the first and second chakra (Muladhara and Swadhisthana) the sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) is performing internal fire sacrifice. She emerges out of the lotus chakras as Kundalini the supreme power elevating the sadhaka. The graceful Mother removes evil and develops goodness within all of us. She is the power of Bhraman; pure consciousness embodied. She is the bliss of "Sat - Chit - Ananda" existence, knowledge and bliss.

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INR 16,750