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(i)  User agrees that all communication between the Company and the User regarding any matter relating to the use of this website will be held electronically, unless otherwise agreed. It will be the sole responsibility of the User to keep himself updated with all data, information and communication as may be provided on the website from time to time.


(ii)  User agrees that this website has been formed solely with the intention/ purpose for providing a platform for buying and selling of crafted products (that are permitted to be bought and sold under applicable law) as may be offered by the Company from time to time. 

(iii)  The user hereby by agreeing to the terms of this User Agreement gives permission to the website and the Company to store the details as provided by him/ her in the applicable registration forms for usage of the website indefinitely. However, the Company reserves the right to may or may not maintain such database of the information relating to the Users.


(iv)  All payments to be made through this website including the service charge as may be levied on the sellers of this Website will be made in Indian Rupees and will be payable to PRAMA ARTS CHENNAI PVT LTD within such time as specified in the invoice. In case of any non- payment, the Company reserves the right to  temporarily/ indefinitely suspend or terminate user’s membership with the website and disallow access to the website. The Company also reserves the right to take any legal action against the User in case of any delayed/ non- payment of charges/fees to the Company.


(v)  The user will be responsible for paying all charges/ fees associated with the use of the website and shall be liable to pay any and all applicable taxes, charges, cesses etc. which may be levied from time to time.


(vi)  The user agrees that the Company may appoint and avail the services of any third party including a logistics partner, from time to time for facilitating timely delivery of products as ordered by the user.